Dr. Jeff Reading

Dr. Reading earned his PhD in Public Health Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at theUniversity of Toronto. He completed his term (2000-2008) as the inaugural Scientific Director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health (CIHR-IAPH). Presently, Dr. Reading is the Inaugural Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Health Research based at the University of Victoria where Dr. Reading is a full professor in the School of Public Health and Social Policy at the Faculty of Human and Social Development, and a faculty associate with the Indigenous Governance Program. He held the first endowed research chair at the department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto, the Trans-Canada Pipelines Chair in Aboriginal Health and Well-being.

Dr. Reading is Mohawk from the southern Ontario. Dr. Reading’s research has brought attention to such critical issues as disease prevention, tobacco use and misuse, healthy living, accessibility to health care, and diabetes among Aboriginal people in Canada. His determination to develop solutions contributed to the creation of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health in 2000 as part of a movement calling for a national advanced research agenda in the area of Aboriginal health. The outcome of the CIHR-IAPH is to improve the health of Aboriginal Peoples’ living in Canada and work collaboratively to improve indigenous peoples’ health globally. CIHR Guidelines for Health Research Involving Aboriginal People and CIHR-Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health-Commemorative Report 2000-2008 are two significant  CIHR publications that reflect Dr. Reading’s outstanding achievements as the inaugural CIHR-IAPH Scientific Director.

Recently, Dr. Reading wrote ‘The Crisis of Chronic Disease among Aboriginal Peoples: A Challenge for Public Health, Population Health and Social Policy’ which explores opportunities for interventions which aim to optimize growth and development at all stages in the life course.

Distinguished as a leading national and international expert in indigenous health research, his dedication to the pursuit of excellence in research is broadly recognized in academic and government circles and by Aboriginal leadership in Canada. In 2005, he was elected as a Fellow into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, this distinction is considered the highest honor for an individual in the health sciences.  As a Fellow, Dr. Reading has achieved recognition of his leadership, creativity, distinctive competencies and commitment to advancing health sciences. In March 2008, Dr. Reading was selected by Aboriginal peers to receive a National Aboriginal Achievement Award in the Health category.  Each year, he is invited to numerous speaking engagements regionally, nationally and internationally to highlight the achievements and important research being done to improve Aboriginal peoples’ health.


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