Dr. Lars Osberg

Lars Osberg is currently McCulloch Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics at Dalhousie University, but he began life in Ottawa, Ontario.  As an undergraduate, he attended Queen’s University, Kingston and the London School of Economics and Political Science. After two years working for the Tanzania Sisal Corporation as a CUSO volunteer, he went to Yale University for his Ph.D. He has had visiting positions at Cambridge, New York University and the Universities of Sydney, New South Wales and Essex. Most recently, during 2009-2010, he was Senior Visiting Research Fellow at Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Visiting Scholar at the Indira Ghandi Institute for Development Research. Mumbai, India.

His first book was Economic Inequality in Canada, and the most recent isThe Economic Implications of Social Cohesion. In between there have been eight others and four editions of an introductory economics textbook.   He is also the author of numerous refereed articles in professional journals, book chapters, reviews, reports and miscellaneous publications. His major fields of research interest have been the extent and causes of poverty and economic inequality, with particular emphasis on social policy and the implications of working time, unemployment, economic insecurity and economic development.  Among other professional responsibilities, he was President of the Canadian Economics Association in 1999-2000.

Recent papers and presentations can be found at http://myweb.dal.ca/osberg/